Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to Play Youku videos in USA?

It looks like Youku videos are banned/blocked in USA and there are lots of buzz around the internet asking how to play the videos that are hosted in Youku?

Here is the tutorial on How to play Youku videos in USA.This tutorial works for sure but follow the steps carefully.

Step 1:- Select the video url that you want to play,Usually youku videos are embed videos in movie blogs and so on.Let me take War Of the Worlds movie as an example,the video in this site is Youku and I am using the site Url for this tutorial.
Url:- (containing youku video)

Step 2:- Go to and select a NON-US Proxy as shown in the figure with a red circle (LOL I did it in free hand so it wont be perfect).Make sure that the proxy you have selected is a NON-US one.This step is really important.

Step 3:- Now Put that url in the proxy as shown in the figure and press Go button.Yupiee you have the magic happening and the Youku video can be viewed.Check the Hints and Notes before putting this tutorial in action :)

Some Hints and Notes:-

  • You can watch Movies and Tv Shows in this site Online and it has multiple sources,so you can just watch them without putting this tutorial into action.

Enjoy :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Where to watch Living Lohan Online?

Living Lohan is a new reality show and its gaining prominence these days.Only one episode has been aired till today but it has been well received from the viewers.The show is about mother Lohan establishing her daughter's career in the entertainment industry.This is such a new idea that people started flocking to view this show.Anyway let me now tell you where to watch Living Lohan Online. Watch Living Lohan Online is a site that allows you to watch living Lohan Online for free.The episodes are updated when it is dont miss them and enjoy the reality show :)