Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where to Watch The Avatar Online

Hello guys I am back with one of the most exciting cartoon I have ever seen in my Life.Its called "Avatar-The Last Airbender".This cartoon is really supercool and it topped the chart in when it was aired.I saw one of the episodes and it was amazing.The adventure of the Avatar and his friends were truly great.Also the way the characters are depicted shows how much impact a cartoon can have on us.Anyways I want to show you where you guys could watch avatar Online.Before showing that I want you guys to know more about avatar.Here is the wiki link for avatar to know more about it before watching avatar online.Ok no more waiting I am giving you the link to watch avatar online as well as I am going to talk about that site so you guys can have a clear view about watching freely.Watch Avatar Online is the site that allows us to watch avatar online for free.The major advantage of the site is it is ads free and loads very fast.Also all the videos are from and hence the quality is also really good.Have a look at it and let me know :)

PS:- Do check this site for more tips on how to load videos faster.

Here are the links to all the three seasons of Avatars :)

Watch Avatar Online Season 1
Watch Avatar Online Season 2
Watch Avatar Online Season 3

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top 100 Tv-shows Ranking you agree with them

The most popular tv-show related website conducted a recent pole on Top 100 Tv sitcoms and released the result.According to the result Lost Tops the chart with 9.1 points out of 10.Then followed by Desperate Housewives (which is a big surprise for me).Really its a big surprise as I believe there are many other tv-shows that deserves better position than its being in the list.For eg. there is no supernatural in the list and so is One Tree Hill.I believe both of them should be in the top 10.Anyways the report has given some good hope to new tv-series like "New Amsterdam" which is at no 10 spot.So guys what you think about this report and for all the people who wants to see the entire ranking list here is the link.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where to watch Spectacular Spider man Online ?

Hi guys,I hope everyone here would be enjoying now watching Lost Online and that too without downloading them,Instead you people just gonna buffer them.So now I am going to talk about a new animated series called Spectacular Spider man.The main specialty of this animated series is that is made to look like an anime rather than the usual cartoon looks.Also this cartoon is gaining a great prominence these days and I believe that this will also be a big entertainer like the Spider Man cartoon of 1980s.So now lets come to the important part of where to watch Spectacular Spider Man Online.Yes there is a site that lets us to watch it Online.I don't want you people to keep guessing about it. Watch Spectacular Spider Man Online is a blog that lets you guys to see all the episodes Online.Already the blog has started receiving good comments.So do check it out if you enjoy watching Spider Man.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to watch Lost Online?

As the title says this is the next most searched item in google.How to watch Lost Online is what people are searching these days as they are quite anxious on where to find Lost Episodes and how to see them online.For those who doesn't know what Lost tv-series is all about let me give you guys something about it.It ranks 1st in all time American Sitcoms and when aired more than 3 million viewers are watching it.Lost tv-series is all about Dharma movement.It talks about the life of people in a mysterious island and how these people survive in the island after the plane had crashed into it and landed there.It is now airing season 4 and getting pretty interesting.Ok if you guys want to know more about Lost you call check Lost's wiki page.

Anyways I am here to share you links on where to watch Lost Online.Here it is, Watch Lost Online is a blog that updates all the Lost episodes and also updates on any important news about Lost.Whenever an episode is added it is updated the next day.So make sure to check it out to watch Lost Online.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where to Watch WWE Online for Free?

I recently made a search in Yahoo answers and wiki answers to know how many of them like to watch wwe and is there any fans for the World Wrestling Entertainment.To my surprise many of the people were asking questions like "Where to watch WWE Online" and "How to watch WWE Online for Free" I was wondering why such type of question arises often in both these sites,then I came to know that wwe is not aired by many channels and they are being aired in only sky sports and ten sports and that too they are not live and they are only aired 2 to 3 weeks after the program goes live.So I thought I could make a post on where to watch wwe Online for Free and is there any sites that really offers us to watch wresling free!!

I googled for sites to see If I could find one where people could enjoy watching wwe for free.To my surprise the first page of google is full of memberships related to wwe where you have to pay and watch the episodes.Then in the second page I was able to find a site where WWE could be watched Online for Free.Ah ok guys I am not going to make you wait for this.Here it is Watch WWE Online allows you to watch all the episodes of wwe online for free.These episodes can be streamed and watched or use the method i discussed before on how to download streaming videos for free.The site shows all the episodes and its really free.I am enjoying all the videos of wwe from there.So do check it out for sure...I have bookmarked it,so you too

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What is Zango?How to uninstall them!!

Many of you might be surprised why am I talking about zango here!!The reason is most of the watch movies online and watch tv shows online sites have zango on them.Ok let me now explain what zango is all about.It was a spyware till 2004 (dont Panic!!) Its not spyware anymore.Yes you can install them when you want to see any premium contents like latest movies from those watch movies online sites and uninstall them then!!Now let me show you how to install and uninstall zango and remain in safer zone.

Installing Zango to view premium contents:-

The very first step you have to do is press "yes" when the zango screen pops up.Then the zango install wizard comes up.In that you make sure the installation is done to the browser you dont use frequently.For eg I hate Internet explorer and I rarely use it and hence I install zango toolbar to that.This will help you to have minimum exposure to zango as well as you can make sure that you are able to view the premium content!!

Uninstall Zango after Viewing the Contents:-

The next step is Uninstalling zango after you have viewed the premium content.This is also very easy.Here are the steps to be followed for uninstalling zango toolbar.

1)Go to start menu ---> Control Panel

2)In that go to Add or Remove Programs

3)You will see the list of programs that has been installed to your computer/laptops

4)Now press "z" key in your keyboard and the zango tool bar will be highlighted in the menu

5)Now press Uninstall Option and you will be taken through the Unistall wizard.Thats all!!

See How easy it is to uninstall....So the next time when you want to view some good movies dont restrain yourself from Installing zango as it is a piece of cake to uninstall them!!