Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to download videos from streaming sites like,,

I saw that everyone who watch movies or Tv shows Online desperately need those videos to be downloaded and save them to hard disk.Bust mostly these videos are hosted in sites like,, these sites being chinese people doesnot know how to download videos from these sites.Hence I am preparing my own guide on how to download videos from Youku and such sites.I will be posting step by step method on how to download videos from these sites.

Step1:- You need a software to download the videos.When I say software please dont fear that its a spyware or virus.What I am going to use is nothing but real player!! Ok here is the link to download the software--> Download Here

Step2:- Install the software.I think I dont want to elaborate the steps involved in installing the software.There is a notepad inside the file,you can have a look at it for installation details.

Step3:- This is going to be the best part.Here I am going to show you on how to download the videos from, and other such sites.I will be posting detailed screen-shots on how its done.I assume that the real player has been installed following the instructions given in the file!!

For Example I am downloading the latest movie 27 Dresses

You people might wonder on where to get the movies.You can see all latest movies Online at watch movies online

Here is the First screenshot on how the screen will look when the movie is loaded

Next step is to press the download this video button.This button can be seen marked with a red box with arrow pointed...LOL I am not a great designer...I just used ms-pain to do it ;)Here is the screen shot of it!!

In the next screen shot you will see the video getting downloaded :)

Thats it you will have the video saved to your hard disk....Easy rite?? The same procedure can be applied for other video sites like, and this even works for and all famous video sharing sites.

If you have any doubts and if you want to know where to get videos of famous Tv series,you can always leave a comment here.I am sure to answer all your queries!! Njoy ;)


immu said...

mate it didn't work for youku. it works for other site but not for youku. it downloads only 12.5 MB irrespective of the file size.

Fawny said...
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Fawny said...
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Fawny said...

Well it would be nice if you could get access to more than just the first 7 minutes of something...

Future_open said...

yeah...the method downloads only the 1st part of the many files. So how do you fix the problem

Richard said...

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