Sunday, April 6, 2008

What is Zango?How to uninstall them!!

Many of you might be surprised why am I talking about zango here!!The reason is most of the watch movies online and watch tv shows online sites have zango on them.Ok let me now explain what zango is all about.It was a spyware till 2004 (dont Panic!!) Its not spyware anymore.Yes you can install them when you want to see any premium contents like latest movies from those watch movies online sites and uninstall them then!!Now let me show you how to install and uninstall zango and remain in safer zone.

Installing Zango to view premium contents:-

The very first step you have to do is press "yes" when the zango screen pops up.Then the zango install wizard comes up.In that you make sure the installation is done to the browser you dont use frequently.For eg I hate Internet explorer and I rarely use it and hence I install zango toolbar to that.This will help you to have minimum exposure to zango as well as you can make sure that you are able to view the premium content!!

Uninstall Zango after Viewing the Contents:-

The next step is Uninstalling zango after you have viewed the premium content.This is also very easy.Here are the steps to be followed for uninstalling zango toolbar.

1)Go to start menu ---> Control Panel

2)In that go to Add or Remove Programs

3)You will see the list of programs that has been installed to your computer/laptops

4)Now press "z" key in your keyboard and the zango tool bar will be highlighted in the menu

5)Now press Uninstall Option and you will be taken through the Unistall wizard.Thats all!!

See How easy it is to uninstall....So the next time when you want to view some good movies dont restrain yourself from Installing zango as it is a piece of cake to uninstall them!!

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