Sunday, February 8, 2009

Third Brother Revealed in Supernatural Tv show

Yes this is the a big news...The guy who is going to act as the Winchister Boys' brother is revealed in the show,we have got some rumors some few weeks back that there will be a third brother in this show,and now its revealed you can read the complete details here.

Is there a third Winchester sibling among us? It certainly would seem so, and Jake Abel (Threshold) is playing him, has learned exclusively.

Abel has been cast on the CW's Supernatural as Adam Milligan, an 18-year-old whom Sam and Dean meet in an episode titled "Jump the Shark" and airing April 23.

Adam, viewers will learn, is the by-product of a little somethin'-somethin' that big daddy John enjoyed during one of his demon hunts. Upon eventually being told by a onetime paramour of Adam's paternity, John paid the lad the occasional visit. Never, though, did John alert Sam and Dean to Adam's existence, nor vice versa.

As such, it will be ... um, interesting ... when the two Winchester boys we know and love come to know the boy they (nor we) never knew. You know?

Yes, Supernatural fans. It's near-blasphemous to introduce a new bro. Do you think he's just a poser? Some demon's grand idea of a major mind-boink for Sam and Dean? Or is this kid not kidding around? I'm sure you have plenty to say, and you know where to say it.

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tru_mamacita said...

I think it's a stupid idea... but oh well i guess we'll see how it unfolds