Monday, May 12, 2008

Free Milk from Cow and Conn

Yes as the title says we are going to enjoy the free Milk from John Cow and Garry Conn.There is a wise Proverb that "When two guys fight over something its always enjoyment for other people watching it".LOL the same applies to this competition which is known as "Cowpetition".To know more about the "Cowpetition" you people can visit this post.Let me just give you guys an overview of what this competition is all about.This Competition is about that"These two big shots will develop a niche blog each on their own with their wide known knowledge from scratch in 30 days and will list them for sale at sitepoint market.The blog which sells the most in auction is declared as the best and the corresponding owner is declared as winner."You guys might ask me what does we gain over this.My answer for this is yes we gain a lot from this,as Garry Conn is setting up his own Free Money making Online classroom where he will document everything from scratch for the next thirty days on how he is going to develop the blog,what strategies will he employ to whack the cow.

What is My Take on this:-

I am going to observe both these big shots closely and I am sure this is the best free resource available to learn how truly one can make money online.Also Garry is very wise and I believe his thoughts and ideas would be very interesting to see in action.Though Cow has many readers I am not sure how good he is in niche blogging....But this competition will prove who is the best.To see all these in action do sign up for Gary's Money making online Clasroom.

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